Outsourcing Intuition: The New Age Psychosis

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Dear Reader,

How many of you have outsourced your intuition and consulted a tarot reader, a psychic medium, or an astrologer? Were there moments that you ended a connection just because a psychic told you to do so? Or was there a moment where the grips of a looming decision suffocated you to consult someone in contact with a higher realm.

I am guilty of this. And I think many of us are. I am a tarot reader. I read the cards for myself and other people. I am also a tarot reader who consults other psychics and mediums for second opinions.

I connect with the wisdom of my higher self in order to make wiser decisions, but years of gaslighting and abuse prevent me from taking action. What people don’t understand is that the more we outsource our decision making, the less likely we are to become resilient and confident in our everyday life. It is a panicked cry from our inner child begging for our parental figures to acknowledge and protect us from the anxieties of the future. The parents who were supposed to wrap us up with warmth and safety but didn’t. Couldn’t. Still don’t. And we are thrust into the world an open wound with no dressing on, scrambling for a first aid kit.

But we’re adults now and we have more control over ourselves, our impulses, our time. Or so we think. In 2020, we were hit with the global pandemic that lead people questioning the very fabrics of their lives. Am I safe? Is there more to life than working 9 to 5 when inflation rates are rising? A liter of milk is 5 dollars now. Houses the size the shoeboxes are listed for half a million dollars. We are asked to hustle and become TikTok influencers because it is all the rage and side hustling is cool and hip. You spent 3 hours binging a Netflix series? Well, maybe you should’ve recorded something on TikTok to grow your following.

I work an extra 5 hours a week tutoring on top of working full-time as an ESL teacher which totals to about 50 working hours which includes prepping and correcting and planning my lessons. Mental health becomes fragile and the drive to produce and generate dollars — fervent and seismic, shaking our relationships, our self-care and our ability to say no.

I sold a reading last week. I sell on Reddit accepting donations. And sometimes it pains me, because we are all so scared of the unknown. The person I read was scared. He was scared that he was going to lose his boyfriend. The cards showed me that his loved one had to fight his own demons and all he could do was support him. We cannot fight other people’s demons. Mental health is a serious pandemic. We want to help our loved ones, but we feel helpless. We are wading through mud and not getting any closer to solutions. Which is what getting a tarot reading can be like because no matter what we do, there are some things that we cannot control nor change.

This year I am practicing letting go. And we have to remember, communication is to relationships like water is to plants.

Forgive yourselves and take a bath. Be mindful. Be present with your loved ones. And don’t ask about the future when you consult a reader. We look at all the possible outcomes but the reigns are in your hands. Ask about how you can improve your present. You have the power to change it. All it is, is one simple action.




Fly, be free! Write until the ink runs out.

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Eunoia Blume

Eunoia Blume

Fly, be free! Write until the ink runs out.

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